October 09, 2013

Dear President Obama Re: Government shutdown/debt limit

I am very concerned about reports that you are considering "negotiating" with the Republicans. You have done well, so far, responding to Republicans taking the government hostage. Much better than in previous instances. Experience shows us that if you give in to any of their unreasonable demands, and they are all unreasonable, that they will take that concession and wait for the next opportunity to replay the whole scenario. The only way to stop this cycle is to hold firm to your position. Negotiations either before or after ending the shutdown or extending the debt limit will only encourage them to continue their destructive tactics.

The press reports that there are enough moderate Republicans who are willing to re-open the government and extend the debt limit. You should make it clear that you are not going to budge and encourage them to take action to end this now.

The budget that is finally passed should not take away from those most in need, or cut Social Security or Medicare. These programs are the most efficient and beneficial in the entire Federal Government.

We should not cut regulation to protect our health, our environment or our economy. Well enforced regulations level the playing field, which is now tilted to favor those who would cut corners or throw their costs onto the public.

On the other hand, we could easily cut our bloated, corrupt and wasteful military and "National Security" programs without endangering our security one bit.

Republicans are being unreasonable and do not deserve serious consideration of their demands. The public is with you and will demonstrate that in the next election if you show some spine and stand up to these hooligans.

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